Strategies for A Stronger Sanford invites you to support our efforts within our community and also earn a chance for this month’s Gift Certificate!

For the month of June, anyone who donates $5 to Strategies (and in turn the programs it supports) will have 1 chance ($10/2 chances, etc.) at this month’s special recognition Gift. If you are selected you’ll receive a Stonewall Kitchen Gift Basket(*).  (*)Wicker Basket & Tray, Balsamic Fig Dressing, Boozy Bacon BBQ Sauce,Roast Apple Grill Sauce, Maple Bacon Aioli, Roast Garlic Onion Jam, Maple Bacon Onion Jam, Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Blue Cheese Herb Mustard, Red Pepper Jelly, Oh My!  Good Luck Everyone!

Winner will be notified July 1 via email.

June’s winner is Rev. Sue Murphy! Congratulations and thank you for supporting Strategies for a Stronger Sanford!




When you support Strategies you are supporting all of our programs; Stuff the BusRight Brain ClubSanford Police CadetsThe Backpack Program, and East Side Youth  Initiatives.




Strategies for a Stronger Sanford is building a strong future for the city by engaging the community in effective strategies to support their children, youth and families. The organization nurtures partnerships, provides sustainability to community activities, and helps to create the local conditions necessary to foster a shared vision and promote the healthy development of a thriving city.



Based in Sanford, Maine, Strategies for a Stronger Sanford (SFSS) is a nonprofit organization working to ensure a strong future for the area by supporting children, youth and their families through fostering a shared community vision and promoting the development of a safe, healthy, and thriving community.

SFSS builds critical developmental assets, nurtures key partnerships, develops effective strategies, and engages in programmatic work that focuses on substance abuse prevention.

  • SFSS acts as a repository of data & clearinghouse for information to the community.
  • SFSS advocates for Sanford children & youth needs.
  • SFSS supports local initiatives and provides infrastructural support.
  • SFSS administers projects which support the needs of Sanford children, youth and families.

We can help get your idea launched…

Strategies for a Stronger Sanford provides infrastructural support (e.g., administrative assistance, accounting, office space) and other resources to Sanford area initiatives. In this capacity, SFSS also provides a 501(c)3 structure (a non-profit classification) to act as a fiscal sponsor for programming and projects as well as an organizational structure to provide staffing and governance of programming and projects.

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